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Are you looking for a fresh, upbeat, interactive way to share traditional Islamic knowledge with your kids? Would you like to see the stories of the Sahabah come to life with cool arts and crafts? How about learning morals/akhlaq through thought provoking role play. How about fiqh/aqeedah through creative games and demonstrations? Is developing bonds with supportive friends and positive role models something you feel is important for Muslim youth? Are activities like a sports, nasheeds, fine arts, cooking and community service something you want to see Muslim youth experience? Can you imagine children being excited about their weekly halaqa and talking about it for days after!

If your vision matches ours, START A BLESSED BONDS or IRON FAITH group near you!**

We are your one stop spiritual shop for your Muslim children.

Here’s How to Do It:

WHO? Bring together at least 10 committed girls or boys in your area. We service elementary, middle school, high school, college and adult programs. Girl’s programs run under the banner of Blessed Bonds and Iron Faith for boys.

WHERE? Secure an appropriate and welcoming space option(s) for your group to pow wow on a weekly basis. Masjids, community centers, library activity rooms, school classrooms and personal homes can all work. Contact the owner/operator, check out the space and take necessary steps to book it.

WHEN? Choose a weekly time option(s) that works well for the group by taking a consensus of when everyone or mostly everyone is available. You’ll need a 2 hour window; that leaves plenty of time for lessons, snacks, prayer, dhikr, crafts, games and overall fun!

HOW? Fill out this form we will do our best to fulfill your group request. We provide you with a creative and unique curriculum, support and training, materials and tons of connections and networking opportunities with other great groups like yours.

You provide the framework for your group and we’ll help fill it in!

**Group requests take 4-6 weeks to process and begin inshallah as it involves recruiting and/or training a mentor. We will try our best to process group requests as quick as we can!

Blessed Bonds is a youth group based in the Chicago suburbs aimed at nurturing bonds with Allah, the noble Prophet (sws), mentors, and their fellow peers. Our main focus will be covering essential and relevant topics in developing a foundational appreciation and understanding of Islam. Weekly schedule includes lesson, remembrance, and fun memorable activities.

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