Blessed Bonds is...

...a place where I can learn in a safe environment with plenty of amazing friends.

Suha Kassar

Blessed Bonds is... opportunity to interact with other Muslims and form new friends.

Safa Syed

To be a Blessed Bonds girl is to... everyone and care for them.

Suraya Osman

To be a Blessed Bonds girl is to... a good role model.

Haadiya Chishty

To be a Blessed Bonds girl is to...

...have fun while learning about our religion.


To be a Blessed Bonds girl is to... all for who they are, like the Prophet (PBUH) taught us.

Sarah Jaber

To be a Blessed Bonds girl is to...

...have a good community of friends.

Zayna Quraishi

Blessed Bonds Programs

Do you have a daughter who is blossoming into a young woman, and you want her to grow up: confident, disciplined, knowing her place & purpose in this world, not afraid of what others think, with strong faith and compassion for others? We have a program for you.

One of our main initiatives is to provide positive alternatives to what we can’t do and turn young people’s attention towards we can do. This approach is a tried and true method for keeping young people on the right path. Essentially, Blessed Bonds is here to provide those alternatives. We encourage our young people to get involved, hone their talents, make wholesome friendships, try new things, stay active and have fun, all the while growing spiritually.

Blessed Bonds:

  • Nurtures bonds with God, the noble Prophet, mentors and peers.

  • Develops a foundational understanding of Islam through relevant topics.

  • Encourages love for God and implementing Prophetic practices in daily life.

Blessed Bonds Learn is our stem program. The Learn program forms the basis of the Blessed Bonds experience and it is from BB Learn, that all our other supplementary elective programs, grow.

Blessed Bonds Learn is a series of weekly sessions that include beneficial instruction, uplifting worship and engaging activities.

Blessed Bonds Fit is a health and fitness group for upper elementary to highschool students. The importance of physical activity and good health practices is promoted through this group. The idea of modesty in physical activity is also highlighted as participants are required to wear loose, modest clothing that adhere to the requirements of hijab, while also having fun and being active. To start a group like this, you would need access to a gym or park space. A monthly sports theme should be chosen such as soccer, basketball, flag football etc. A special event or monthly field trip can also be worked into this group. It is important for young Muslims to be well rounded and conscious of their health and physical well being.

Blessed Bonds Recite is a Quran recitation group that meets regularly in order to support this essential aspect of a Muslim’s ibaadah. We would like each student in a Blessed Bonds Learn group to also be in some sort of Quran program that they attend on a regular basis, whether this be Blessed Bonds Recite or another Quran program.

Blessed Bonds Speak is an enrichment program offered in a Blessed Bonds environment to help our youth become more confident and eloquent speakers.

For girls 6th grade and older.

Blessed Bonds Test Prep ACT/SAT is an academic enrichment program offered in a Blessed Bonds environment. Covers concepts from all sections of the ACT/SAT.

For girls 8th-11th grade.

Busy juggling life demands? Find comfort in Blessed Bonds Ladies,  a focused group to nurture your mind and heart. We will be covering “Stars in the Prophet’s Orbit”
“The stars are a source of security for the sky and my Companions are a source of security for my nation.” Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Join us as we journey through the lives of the best men and women to ever live.

Walk in the footsteps of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Share their challenges and bask in their triumphs!

Blessed Bonds Serve is a community service team that does various volunteer activities around their community. Volunteering at nursing homes, soup kitchens, food pantries, are great ways for young people to learn compassion and gratitude. It fosters essential characteristics of a good Muslim: to share, serve others, be merciful and  be thankful. Monthly service field trips would be a part of this group’s activities.

Blessed Bonds Sing is a nasheed group that performs at all female events. To start a group like this you would need a capable singing coach and a rehearsal space. Young people often enjoy performing for their peers and this group can function as a platform to share such talent for girls who rarely get the opportunity. It increases confidence, teamwork and promotes the metaphorical idea of “harmony”.