About Us

Who are we and who do we serve?

Blessed Bonds is a registered 501(c)3 organization operating under the name “Luminous Branch.” Blessed Bonds is a God-centered, youth organization that aims to positively transform young Muslims; spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. The Blessed Bonds experience is a Metamorphosis of sorts. By nurturing a strong and resilient bond with Allah (swt),  we hope to guide each precious soul through chrysalis, to emerge as a butterfly. Blessed Bonds Butterflies are unique, colorful, graceful, perservent, and inspire faith wherever they spread their wings.
Establishing this bond is facilitated by a qualified mentor. Blessed Bond mentors are sincere in their intention, have an established worship routine, are connected to a teacher of their own, and are continually learning, growing and developing their skills. They are able to connect with youth and set a positive example for those they are leading.

What do we do?

Blessed Bonds is a non-profit youth organization aimed at nurturing bonds with Allah, the noble Prophet, mentors, and peers. Groups based on location and age are created to bring Muslim youth together without an added burden of commuting. Blessed Bonds brings community to your neighborhood so you don’t have to travel far to find it!

There are two branches of Blessed Bonds, with programs stemming under each branch. Iron Faith is the branch with programs for boys, and Blessed Bonds is the branch with programs for girls.

Why do we do what we do? What is our mission and vision?

Do you have a daughter who is blossoming into a young woman, and you want her to grow up: confident, disciplined, knowing her place & purpose in this world, not afraid of what others think, with strong faith and compassion for others?

One of our main initiatives is to provide positive alternatives to what we can’t do and turn young people’s attention towards we can do. This approach is a tried and true method for keeping young people on the right path.

Essentially, Blessed Bonds is here to provide those alternatives. We encourage our young people to get involved, hone their talents, make wholesome friendships, try new things, stay active and have fun, all the while growing spiritually.  

Our goals are to:

  • Create lasting and loving bonds with Allah, the Prophet, mentors, and sisters through their understanding Islam.
  • Establishing an open, non-judgemental, welcoming and safe environment for youth to grow in
  • Foster a foundational understanding of Islam
  • Help youth set and achieve Deen and life goals
  • empower the youth to be confident
  • Honing noble character/manners/ adab
  • Solidifying a positive American Muslim identity
  • Producing faithful and serving members of community
  • Creating bonds with elders and peers
  • Providing a support group for Muslim youth that appeals them.
  • Helping young people establish prayer as a lifeline.
  • Helping youth that an Islamic compass that will guide them throughout their lives

How do we do what we do?

Blessed Bonds central provides the support, guidance and resources for qualified and motivated individuals to start a group, in a particular area or locality. A suitable mentor can bring together a group of 10 committed girls or boys that fit into the elementary, middle school, high school, or college age bracket. They will then secure a suitable space for the weekly sessions to be held. An accommodating time for the session to take place will be set. Once the logistics have been handled, the mentor will fill out a form on our website. From here, Blessed Bonds will help set  up, promote and provide resources as well as curriculum content guidance for the group. We will also connect you to our network of other groups across the USA, so that your group can share ideas, be inspired and grow.

Where are we located?

Blessed Bonds Central is located in Chicagoland. This “home base” is the root of the program from which our garden is nurtured. The Blessed Bonds garden is growing across the the United States, with groups or “flowers” located in many cities and localities.  One of the stand out features of Blessed Bonds is that each group is part of a larger network that ties into the mother organization. This forms a strong support structure as well as a mechanism for sharing and growing across miles and communities. Each Blessed Bonds group will have the guidance and support of “Blessed Bonds Central”, along with the advantage of being linked to other Blessed Bonds groups under the same umbrella.

For supplementary electives like BB Fit and BB Cook, a space that is conducive to the activity must be secured such as a kitchen, gymnasium, community center room etc.

When are our programs?

Each Blessed Bonds group will meet on a weekly basis for the Learn program. Supplementary elective groups can meet anywhere from once a week to once a semester, depending upon the nature of the group and it’s requirements.