The solution was simple - connect to Allah.

From my experience growing up in America it was really important to have a spiritual and intellectual weekly circle. It supported me through the challenges muslim youth face. The solution was simple - connect to Allah.

Blessed Bonds Parent

Really worth the one hour drive

This is the first time my girls are concerned with praying on time - even Fajr prayer Alhamdulilah. They did not wait for us to wake them up, they set up the alarm clock and pray on time then they go back to sleep. My girls get so upset if they are not able to pray during the first 15 minutes of the prayer time. They are encouraging my husband to pray on time. The great improvement in my daughters' prayers' make it really worth the one hour drive.

Zaina Quraishi, Age 11

Blessed Bonds is like a little oasis in this desert that is the modern American world...

...in the modern American world, there are a lot of people that are not Muslim, and they do things that are very different than what we do. And when I'm at Blessed Bonds, we just sit down and focus, learn about our Lord, about our Prophet (SAS), and we meet with people who are the same as us, in the same religion, and who share the same values. Blessed Bonds helps us cope with the struggles of the outside world.